Hi! My name is Alex (Barcelona, 1982). I would say my interest for photography has always been there, as I love to travel around the world and have been taking photos since I can remember of. However, it was not until 2018 when I travelled to Senegal that I decided to take photography to the next level. I first took some courses with my mom's cam (thanks Mom!!), which skyrocketed my passion for photography.

I practice 4 main photographic disciplines: Street, landscapes, cityscapes and astrophotography and, for each photo I take I always put all my passion in it to the point I only publish photos that I am 100% happy with.  

Photography and my job (Project Manager, Telecommunications engineer) have allowed me to bring my 2 other passions together: travelling and computing, giving me the opportunity to visit places such as Hong Kong, Australia and Japan, among others.

If it ever happens I travel to your country or city and you want to guide me to secret photography spots...beers are on me!

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